Fallschirme nützen nichts

Hier nochmal der in Vergessenheit geratene, und leider bisher nur international, das heißt in englischer Sprache verfügbare, Aufruf an bestimmte Personenkreise zur Teilnahme an dieser Studie

We were unable to identify any randomised controlled trials of parachute intervention.

As with many interventions intended to prevent ill health, the effectiveness of parachutes has not been subjected to rigorous evaluation by using randomised controlled trials.

Advocates of evidence based medicine have criticised the adoption of interventions evaluated by using only observational data.

We think that everyone might benefit if the most radical protagonists of evidence based medicine organised and participated in a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, crossover trial of the parachute.

Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials -- Smith and Pell 327 (7429): 1459 -- bmj.com

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