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Bei Krebs soll helfen: GPleic

If you have a cancer with tumours, for the Home Protocol you need:
1. For stage one, a standard dose of 0.25ml GOleic twice a week, for stage 2 three doses a week, late stage 4 up to a full 1ml a day. The more the better. 2ml a day has been taken without side effects.
2. 10,000iu of vitamin D a day,
3. Eat white meat, fish and vegetables,
4. No sugar or carbohydrates (so no cereals or bread etc) which feed cancer.
5. If your weight drops below your perfect weight for your height, take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) from a vitamin shop, or better, Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) from Dr Reinwald Healthcare.
If you add drugs to this, the more you add the more you will reduce your chances of success. More is less.

Don’t stop the Goleic until 8 weeks after you have scans proving you are cancer free, or 8 weeks after your nagalase drops below 0.65.

We are just as successful with pancreatic cancer, and with our two multiple myeloma cases, but it takes doses of two ml a day initially. We’ve done laboratory experiments on leukemia which indicate we should get good results, that too will need 2 ml doses, but chemotherapy can make blood and immune system counts so low treatment fails.

What does GcMAF do?
The GcMAF Conference 2013 showed GcMAF is a far more powerful molecule than thought, both in terms of the science, and doctors’ results. In stage 4 cancer, some doctors who use the full protocol, listed on “Treatment Strategies,” are saving every patient (if they have not had chemotherapy.) Success can be achieved with all tumour cancers including breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic and melanoma.

GcMAF can eradicate chronic inflammation and viral infections. It is better than antibiotics in many areas, and 25% successful with Autism, 50% or more with Chronic Herpes, Chronic Acne, Chronic cirrhosis of the liver, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic depression, Colitis, Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Herpes, LMBBS, ME/CFS, Osteoporosis, Periodontal disease, Psoriasis and various types of Immune dysfunction including allergies. Research shows GcMAF can halt deterioration in Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and ALS, and in its role of immune system regulator, can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like Lupus and Arthritis. And is effective with wound healing.

In addition to rebuilding a depressed immune system, GcMAF:
Inhibits angiogenesis – stops blood supply to tumours
Activates macrophages – phagocytosis and destruction of cancer cells
Apoptosis – suicide of cancer cells
Reverts the cancer cell phenotype to normal (Turns cancer cells into healthy cells)
Reduces the metastatic potential of human cancer cells in culture.

Increases energy production at the mitochondrial level – ME/CFS
Improves human neuronal metabolic activity through cAMP signaling – autism, ME/CFS, MS, ALS
Counters toxic effects including cadmium – ME/CFS

It abolishes neuropathic pain due to neuro-oxidative stress (stress due to the anti-cancer drug oxaliplatin) in the lab. (neurodegenerative diseases and autism that have oxidative stress as a pathogenetic mechanism)
It increases neuronal connectivity by promoting differentiation and the formation of dendrites and neuritis (autism and ME/CFS, where there is a lack of connectivity between neurons).

Ebenfalls hilfreich soll in diesem Zusammenhang sein:

We are now able to provide you two different versions of BRAVO PROBIOTIC®.

1. The powders necessary to make in your own kitchen the final lIquid product to drink.

2. The suppositories, already containing living microorganisms as well as GcMAF naturally formed during the fermentation process.

The powders are available in two versions:

- The standard kit (available on demand) which requires to be prepared, besides the ferments provided with the kit, MILK and LIQUID COLOSTRUM. Using this kit you will be able to vary the amount of colostrum adjusting it to your needs.

The amount of liquid colostrum depends on its protein concentration; for example if you use Kirkmann colostrum about 240 ml are required, if you use LR colostrum about 125 ml are required. Choose the brand of colostrum you prefer and contact us to know the amount to be added.

- The new kit, named BRAVO PROBIOTIC EASY KIT, simply requiring you buy some MILK.

This kit is the evolution of the standad one. It contains the same strains and quantity of microorganisms of the regular kit and it has the same efficacy and the same amount of GcMAF.

However the BRAVO PROBIOTIC EASY KIT has an easier recipe and it already includes bovine colostrum.

Mehr dazu hier:

Dieser bravo yogurt wird auch bei Autismus als hilfreich angegeben.

Diese Informationen sind noch sehr knapp. Ich denke aber, dazu wird es in nächster Zeit noch mehr geben.

jedenfalls erscheint mir das
... Dieser bravo yogurt wird auch bei Autismus als hilfreich angegeben.

Diese Informationen sind noch sehr knapp. Ich denke aber, dazu wird es in nächster Zeit noch mehr geben.
etwas überteuert - vgl Bravo Probiotic (deutsche Seite)

Joghurt kann man immer wieder neu selbst machen, indem man vom vorherigen etwas aufbewahrt bzw als Start-Kultur verwendet.

Der einzige Unterschied bei diesem Produkt scheint zu sein, dass zusätzlich zu den - zugegebenermaßen wohl besonderen - Bakterien-Kulturen noch GcMAF (Medikament) zugesetzt wurde; Weiters braucht man hierfür wohl am besten Bio-Milch (weil unbelasteter) sowie Kolostrum (zusätzliche Stoffe wzb Wachstumshormone uäm), um die Rezeptur zu vervollständigen...