Amalgam verteilt sich schnell in den Organen


Unten ein abstract einer Untersuchung an Schafen, denen Amalgam gelegt wurde. Schlimm, dass die armen Tiere für unsere eigene Dummheit auch noch leiden müssen. Es zeigt aber, wie schnell sich Amalgam im Kiefer und den Organen abelagert. Ein Bild der Röntgenuntersuchung hier (gleich auf der ersten Seite):


Comment in:
FASEB J. 1990 Mar;4(5):1542-3.

Dental "silver" tooth fillings: a source of mercury exposure revealed by whole-body image scan and tissue analysis.

Hahn LJ, Kloiber R, Vimy MJ, Takahashi Y, Lorscheider FL.

Department of Radiology, University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Alberta, Canada.

Mercury (Hg) vapor is released from dental "silver" tooth fillings into human mouth air after chewing, but its possible uptake routes and distribution among body tissues are unknown. This investigation demonstrates that when radioactive 203Hg is mixed with dental Hg/silver fillings (amalgam) and placed in teeth of adult sheep, the isotope will appear in various organs and tissues within 29 days. Evidence of Hg uptake, as determined by whole-body scanning and measurement of isotope in specific tissues, revealed three uptake sites: lung, gastrointestinal, and jaw tissue absorption. Once absorbed, high concentrations of dental amalgam Hg rapidly localize in kidneys and liver. Results are discussed in view of potential health consequences from long-term exposure to Hg from this dental material.

PMID: 2636872 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]